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Bausch & Lomb | OPTIMA 38 | Yearly Contact Lens ( 1 Lens per Box )

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Available Power in SPHERE (SPH) :
|-0.50|-0.75|-1.00|-1.25|-1.50|-1.75|-2.00|-2.25|-2.50|-2.75|-3.00|-3.25|-3.50|-3.75 |-4.00|-4.25|-4.50|-4.75|-5.00|-5.50|-6.00|-6.50|-7.00|-7.50|-8.00|-8.50|-9.00|
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B&L OPTIMA 38 : Yearly Transparent Contact Lens

B&L OPTIMA 38 An easy-to-fit low water content spherical soft lens manufactured using “Reverse Process III” technology, and designed for use in the correction myopia and hyperopia on a daily wear basis.

Conventional contact lenses with exceptional comfort and longer wearing hours.

Thin lenses.

High value at an exceptional price.

Safety Care and Expiry:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them completely before touching the lenses. 
  • Always clean your lenses gently with fresh contact lens cleaning solution. 
  • Make sure you keep your lenses in a clean lens case to avoid eye irritation or infection.
  • Avoid wearing contacts overnight or while swimming.
  • Keep your contacts away from sharp objects, heat and pollutants.
  • Expiry: Minimum 1 year from the date of purchase in packaging.


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Suitable For Men, Women
Contact Lens Type Single Vision
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